New York Club Soccer League (NYCSL) Centers of Excellence are dedicated NYCSL Training Programs coached by former English Premier League player and NYCSL Technical Director John Curtis and provide selective, regionalized training for the strongest young players within the NYCSL PDP region. They form the first phase of the NYCSL PDP (Player Development Pathway) and are designed to assist member clubs in developing their most promising players.

In addition to the the Centers of Excellence training program, NYCSL Select Squads (All-Star Teams) are formed throughout the winter and summer months, to give selected players the opportunity to implement their improved skills and understanding in a competitive environment.

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This fall several NY Elite FC players were selected to take part in the New York Club Soccer League Centers of Excellence program conducted by John Curtis. Congratulations to the following boys for their hard work and selection into the 2016 program:

Ahmed Ikeljic (2007)
Tanner Rock (2007)
Ben Yin (2007)
Declan Bain (2007)
Jackson Bennice (2006)
Ryan Cronin (2006)
Alex Fairbank (2006)
Harrison Goetz (2006)
Landen Staie (2006)
Advaith Ramani (2006)
Jack Fairbank (2005)
Mark Makhatadze (2005)
Ben Tymeson (2005)
Massi Bruno (2004)
Joey DiPreta (2004)

In other significant recognitions, Advaith Ramani (2006) was selected as part of the NYCSL PDP to train for two weeks in England, and Mark Makhatadze (2005) will travel to Italy for a training program. Joey DiPreta (2004) was selected to play in select PDP tournaments.