Centers of Excellence

New York Club Soccer League (NYCSL) Centers of Excellence are dedicated NYCSL Training Programs coached by former English Premier League player and NYCSL Technical Director John Curtis and provide selective, regionalized training for the strongest young players within the NYCSL Player Development Pathway (PDP) region. They form the first phase of the NYCSL PDP and are designed to assist member clubs in developing their most promising players.

In addition to the Centers of Excellence training program, NYCSL Select Squads (All-Star Teams) are formed throughout the winter and summer months, to give selected players the opportunity to implement their improved skills and understanding in a competitive environment. Coach Curtis and his staff are running this program at Afrim’s Latham facility for the 2007-2003 age groups; the tryout will be on Tuesday, April 25 and the remaining dates are on Thursdays. This is an excellent program, many of our players have participated and have moved on to the PDP program.

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